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Here's a song for seven years
Of filling lands with art;
A place where all can gather,
From countries far apart.

Here's a chant for seven more,
The most recent amassed,
And while we'll party merrily,
The time will quickly pass.

Here we are, at fourteen years,
A joyous, grand event,
We couldn't ask for fourteen years
Of time that's better spent!

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:58 AM

It started with a camera...

          I can't exactly remember my first moments of deviantART; my first encounters with its mellow, olive-green layout. I just remember that I was rather young at the time, and just as messed up (or maybe less so) than I am now. Trying to bring the memories back into existence, I know that a few friends talked me into it towards the end of middle school. From there, it became my sanctuary.

          Throughout my entire childhood, I had a massive fascination with lots of little things: magnets, lights, creation. My mother and sister always helped those fascinations grow, especially in the case of creation. I had my first camera by the time I was 8. Albeit, it was a "novelty," cartoon-themed digital camera that was no better than the ancient webcam we had on our computer at the time. (Ah... old technology...) By the age of 14, I was snapping pictures with my first "real" digital camera: a cheapo, screen-display-only Vivicam. It blessed me with quite a few memories, including some of my favorites within my gallery.

Over the Tree-Tops to the Sky by somefriggnidiot

          Over time, I discovered more about photography, thanks in no small part to some of the wonderful photographers on this site. I eventually began using a better camera, and while my interest in photography was waning, I simply couldn't help myself when it came to capturing what I saw.

The Deadly Cold by somefriggnidiot

Then it turned into words...

          When photography simply couldn't convey what was on my mind, I turned to poetry. My early attempts were disastrous. Most have been hidden away, never to be seen by anything other than dust. In fact, there are few of my written works that I feel proud of, and a vast majority are simply bad memories that I never stop wishing away.


But the memories make me who I am.

And spiraled into everything else.

          I never truly wrote because I wanted to, or because I liked to. I only ever did it because I had to. I was compelled to let the toxic thoughts escape me in the only form I safely knew how to do. It was always so simple, so natural to put the pencil on the page, or open up Word, but only when I was miserable. My love, my joy, my determination, could only ever be showcased by creating. 

          Throughout the years, I tried time and time again to get into drawing. The ability to summon an insurmountable quantity of details from the tip of a pencil and force them to arrange themselves flawlessly is the envy of many an artist. But it's not always so easy. Learning to draw well takes years of dedication and hard work.

Split by somefriggnidiot

As much as I willed myself on, I never felt like I made any progress, despite revisiting this work 3 years down the road.

Split: 2011 by somefriggnidiot

          I, personally, had advanced, but not at the speed I had imagined; not anywhere near as fast as those I followed on here. Much like photography, it became more of a chore than a hobby; constantly trying to improve so that I may accurately convey may imagination. Thanks to the wonderful amenities at my high school, though, I was offered the opportunity to do that which only a limited population in this country get to attempt: glassblowing.

          Unfortunately, the road to glass is paved in shattered hell. (That feels backwards, but we'll go with it.) Before being allowed the chance to blow glass, students had to complete a year of ceramics; half introductory, half wheel-thrown. This time, I found my love.

Creation 2, Front by somefriggnidiot

I absolutely loved working with the soft, moldable clay. It felt so natural, and came so easily to me. Wheel-throwing was particularly exciting, and allowed me to create something I was particularly good at: vases.

Creation 10 by somefriggnidiot

Granted, my aptitude for vases was only because I could rarely get a lightweight base for my pieces.

Creation 9 by somefriggnidiot

Much to the chagrin of my teacher, who had a tendency of reminding me that "the wheel is not a lathe!"

Pottery still has my heart, even after 2 years away from any clay.

And it's all thanks to you.

The deviant. The silent watcher, and the silently watched. The "random deviant" button victim. The llama-gifter. The artist.

You make deviantART. We make deviantART.

And whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we all influence each other.

It will be 7 years I will have spent in this glorious community come November. Half of deviantART's life, and over a third of mine. I've come across all sorts of artists, from every different walk of life imaginable.

          There's ShawnCoss, the dark comic I've followed since pieces as early as Love Slave,

Love Slave by ShawnCoss

whose works have inspired many (read "all") of my attempted drawings.

And kris-wilson, who used his massive following to throw hoards of fans (myself included) at Shawn in the first place.

Fun by kris-wilson

His comics are legendary in their own right.

          There's also IMAGINeye, who initially drew me in with his BUGZ comics,

16th BUGZ comic by IMAGINeye

and further inspires me with his work on The Walking Dead Game, and his ability to lose 50 pounds.

The list goes on, endlessly, and while there are at least a few more artists I would like to mention (due to their inspirational photography,) I'm sad to note that they've since left the community.

Here's to Fourteen Years!

Here's a song for seven years
Of filling lands with art;
A place where all can gather,
From countries far apart.

Here's a chant for seven more,
The most recent amassed,
And while we'll party merrily,
The time will quickly pass.

Here we are, at fourteen years,
A joyous, grand event,
We couldn't ask for fourteen years
Of time that's better spent!

Twitch Panels - Skull Headers by somefriggnidiot
Twitch Panels - Skull Headers
Another set of panel headers. These are a bit more assorted and experimental, as they're the first thing I made on my venture into this unknown world of graphic design.

Initially meant for personal use, I decided against using them and instead made full versions that can be seen at

If you're interested in getting some of your own, drop me a note. I could use the experience, and I like to think I'm easy to work with. 


Fri Apr 19, 2013, 10:49 PM

As if this time of the year isn't bad enough...

    I seriously hate Spring. Don't get me wrong, I love the weather, the flowers, the storms, the revival...
    I just can't stand the memories. At all.

    I'm sorry for my semi-disappearance, if anyone's actually reading this. I'm at an all-out art block. 
    I can't write to save my life. I get two lines in and get stuck.
    Drawing just doesn't appeal to me right now.
    I've been painting... but the projects never get done. (Perfectionist using the cheapest tools ever.)

    So, yeah... I'm alive. Barely.


Forgotten 2 by boblekyllingBlackreach by AlexandraVishnyakovaKorra and Naga by pepperkatsruleKS 04 by kaistallings
The Three Gods (colored) by Titancrossbozojo by bozojo:thumb287105740:kakashi-naruto by Saduro
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Shinkai by KristenMachinaNamine - Kingdom Hearts by Una9641

Llamas for Everyone!

    I've long held the mindset that the "Random Deviant" feature (and its siblings) is one of the best ways to discover new artists here on dA. However, instead of letting people know with a cheesy/obvious page comment or leaving them wondering, I leave them with a little llama companion and browse through their gallery a bit before moving on. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to try this method in their free time while on dA, as it can be a great way to discover some awesome artists as well as a perfect opportunity to make new friends and gather a few llamas in return.

Personal Art News

    The words be flowin', they be!

To those commenting on my page or art...

    I do read and appreciate all comments on my page, on my pieces, etc. However, unless something stands out (I.E: Seems like more than the generic "Thanks for ___!" or "I really like ____!") then I'll likely not try to fight my shyness and reply.  On the other hand, if it does happen to stick out, or if it's some sort of question that I can answer, I'll try my best to respond.  Shyness sucks, but it's something I'll get over in time.

As an added thanks to donors...

Here's some of my donors' pieces that I liked the best!
Pinkie Pie Treasure Chest by grandmoonmaReunited by Radiklement


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a sophomore in college in the small town of Emporia, Kansas. I enjoy all forms of art, including pottery, poetry, music, photography, and acting. On the outside, I am a very shy person; if you get to know me, you would wish I was shy on the inside, as well.

If there's anything else you would like to know, feel free to shoot me a message.

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